Feeling I’m feeling excited. I signed up for a 15-week writing workshop that starts on Tuesday. I hope it’s a good one and I like the teacher and projects. Blogging Here’s what I posted on the blog this week: Reading I actually finished reading REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES by Shelby Van Pelt on Monday instead of […]

Today’s Question(s) is … Have you ever loved a book that everyone else hated or hated a book that everyone else loved? My Answer(s) is … Yes. I love Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, especially BREAKING DAWN. I know I’m not the only one but since it’s practically in fashion now to hate the series, I […]

My IRL book club chose to read REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES for our January book. I’m so glad we chose it. Otherwise, I might never have read it and I absolutely adored this book. As soon as I started reading REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES, I could tell it was going to suck me right in. I laughed, […]

I wasn’t going to do any reading challenges this year because of how abysmal my reading was last year. I decided I miss participating in a couple of challenges, though, and succeeding in my goals for the challenges isn’t the point, participating and having fun is. Play Book Tag I’m a member of one group […]

Feeling I’m feeling pretty good. I decided to stay on my med because I couldn’t deal with the lack of sleep. I’ve noticed that if I go to bed no later than midnight and I have an alarm set, I can get up without too much trouble. I’m still a bit drowsy, but I think […]