Review: The Magnolia Palace

I received THE MAGNOLIA PALACE as my January book from Book of the Month. I’ve been excited to read it ever since I read the synopsis and I’m happy to report that I wasn’t disappointed. I was hooked on THE MAGNOLIA PALACE from the get-go. I adored it from start to finish. When I’d put […]

Sunday Post #3

Feeling I’m feeling many things. First, I have to explain what happened this week so you know why I’m feeling so much and then I’ll explain what I’m feeling. Corey was sent to the ER on Wednesday afternoon after eating at a Wendy’s. It’s suspected that a disgruntled employee put cleaner in his Coke. Not […]

Prince Caspian: A Discussion

There are spoilers for PRINCE CASPIAN: THE RETURN TO NARNIA in this post. ( Don’t click the “View Spoiler” link below if you don’t want to be spoiled for THE LAST BATTLE.) PRINCE CASPIAN is the second book in the Narniad (in published order). I finished reading it for the Narniathon21 I’m participating in about […]

Top Ten Tuesday #2

New-to-Me Authors I Discovered in 2021 I only read 12 books last year and four of them were rereads. That means, at the most, I could’ve only discovered eight new-to-me authors in 2021, which I did. However, I didn’t like all of the new-to-me books/authors I read. Here are my top five and one honorable […]

Sunday Post #2

Feeling I’m feeling more comfortable with my classes and I’m no longer feeling stressed. I’m also feeling better now. My infection is gone and I don’t feel yucky from the antibiotics anymore. It’s great! Blogging It was a good week. I really loved the turn out I got on my Top Ten Tuesday post. Thanks […]

January Book Club Discussion

I’ve been part of a IRL (“in real life” for those who don’t know that acronym) for 10.5 years now. We used to meet on the third Thursday of each month so we call ourselves the “Third Thursday Book Club.” A few months ago, we all decided it was more convenient to meet on the […]

Review: How To

My husband turned me onto the xkcd webcomic about a decade ago. I’m not the most religious follower, but I do like his humor. I found out about HOW TO through my library’s “Best in Books 2019” event and actually won a copy of the book while I was there. I was really excited that […]