Feeling I’m feeling pretty good. I decided to stay on my med because I couldn’t deal with the lack of sleep. I’ve noticed that if I go to bed no later than midnight and I have an alarm set, I can get up without too much trouble. I’m still a bit drowsy, but I think […]

Today’s Question(s) is … How many books are on your “to be read” list? My Answer(s) is … Um… My TBR has over 1500 books on it and it grows much faster than I can read. My TBR has EVERY book I want to read on it, not just the books I own in physical or […]

That’s it! Another Bout of Books has come and gone. I had a great time focusing on my reading this week. I only participated in the Instagram challenge on the first day, though, oh well. I hope everyone who participated had just as much fun as I did. Thank you, Amanda and Kelly, for all […]

Feeling I’m feeling tired. Although I’m over my cold, I haven’t been sleeping very well. With the help of my doctor, I’m weaning myself off a problematic med that’s for depression. One of its main side effects is drowsiness so doctors often prescribe it to patients with a history of depression and sleeping difficulties. I’d […]

This year hasn’t been the best reading year. I did do more reading in December than anymore other month. though. My favorite book this month was a reread of DRAGON PRINCE by Melanie Rawn. My least favorite read was THE CHRISTMAS MURDER GAME by Alexandra Benedict. Books Read Stats December Books Read: 2 Pages Read: […]