Sunday Post #30

Feeling I’m feeling broken-hearted this week. Corey and I said goodbye to our beautiful Daxi Cat on Thursday. She crossed the rainbow bridge while in my arms without any euthanasia. She was almost 19 years old. A couple of weeks ago, we noticed she wasn’t feeling very well. We took her into our new vet […]

Bout of Books 35 Signup

I’m joining the Bout of Books readathon from August 15th to 21st. Since I start school on the 22nd, I decided that Bout of Books would be a great way to get one last hurrah in before I’ll be preoccupied with homework. For those of you who don’t know what Bout of Books is, here’s […]

Top Ten Tuesday #29

Books Set in a Place I’d Like to Visit (Real or Fictional) This week’s prompt is a really fun one. It’s “Top Ten Books Set in a Place I’d Like to Visit (Real or Fictional).” There are so many places I’d love to visit. Hopefully, I can narrow it down to ten. Here are my […]

July Monthly Wrap-up

This month was pretty much a bust in terms of reading because of moving. I finished the last two books in the Narniad at the very beginning of July. We moved right after I finished both books and I’ve been so preoccupied with unpacking and organizing our place that reading has been put on the […]