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About Me

Hi! I’m Jenni Elyse, but you can call me Jenni. I’m wife to Corey and cat mom to Izzy, Luci, and six angel kitties. I’m queer and my pronouns are she/her.

I’m an eclectic reader. I mostly read fiction and I favor fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, thrillers, and romance. The more kissing in a book the better!

I’m a seeker of all things purple. I love animals, especially cats and llamas. I’m an unapologetic fan of Harry Potter, Twilight, How to Train Your Dragon, Futurama, and Star Wars. I enjoy reading in warm bubble baths, drinking decaf iced lattes or herbal tea, drawing on my iPad, playing my Switch, watching movies, dyeing my hair, crocheting, knitting, and listening to music.

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It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

I don’t have arachnophobia (irrational fear of spiders) because fear of spiders is perfectly rational so I refuse to recognize it as a “disorder.”

There is no life where you can be in a state of sheer happiness for ever. And imagining there is just breeds more unhappiness in the life you’re in.

That’s the problem with depression–it discourages its own treatment.

Don’t wait for your life to magically come together–it’s your work to do. Every day, every moment, you are making your life from scratch. Today, take one step, however small, toward creating a life you can be proud of.

The only way to learn is to live.

What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.

Faith is a very personal thing, really. Just because you don’t meet with a group of people once a week who believe everything exactly the way you do doesn’t mean you don’t believe in something.

Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.

Maybe home isn’t a place. It’s a feeling. Of being cared for and understood. Of being loved.

Angry is just a pen name for sad. In my experience, nine times out of ten if you are kind to the angry person, you will calm them down and find out what is really going on with them.

Fear is a hungry beast. The more you feed it, the more it grows.

Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That’s part of the risk.

She had not realized that grief was so physical. …She thought grief happened in your head. She didn’t know that your whole body ached with it.