Books I Meant to Read in 2023 I have quite a few books I wanted to read last year. Unfortunately, life happened and I didn’t get to very many. Here are my top ten books I meant to read in 2023 but didn’t get the chance: What about you? Which books did you mean to […]

My IRL book club met this past Wednesday to discuss January’s book, which was REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES by Shelby Van Pelt. There were 11 of us that met and only one person hadn’t read the book. Here are some highlights of our discussion: I love that REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES has a lot of meat to […]

Feeling I’m feeling excited. I signed up for a 15-week writing workshop that starts on Tuesday. I hope it’s a good one and I like the teacher and projects. Blogging Here’s what I posted on the blog this week: Reading I actually finished reading REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES by Shelby Van Pelt on Monday instead of […]

Today’s Question(s) is … Have you ever loved a book that everyone else hated or hated a book that everyone else loved? My Answer(s) is … Yes. I love Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, especially BREAKING DAWN. I know I’m not the only one but since it’s practically in fashion now to hate the series, I […]

My IRL book club chose to read REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES for our January book. I’m so glad we chose it. Otherwise, I might never have read it and I absolutely adored this book. As soon as I started reading REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES, I could tell it was going to suck me right in. I laughed, […]