It never fails; I always think about Harry Potter around July 31. I don’t always say anything about it, except maybe in passing, but I always think about the books that changed my life.

I always say Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight got me reading. That’s true, but only to a point. Twilight got me reading voraciously. But, I wouldn’t have even read Twilight if the world of Harry Potter hadn’t opened my mind to the possibility that reading was fun. Harry Potter paved the way, or I should say JK Rowling did. But, Harry Potter and JK Rowling are synonymous so I choose Harry Potter.

It’s because of Harry Potter that I have a blog. It’s because of Harry Potter that I’m part of my IRL book club. It’s because of Harry Potter that I’m friends with my best friends, the Magnificent Seven. It’s because of Harry Potter that I’ve met some of the most awesome authors in the world. And, it’s because of Harry Potter that I can pick up a book and transport myself to new worlds and stories.

I just thought I needed to say that and put it in writing, especially right now with people leaving the fandom.

Happy birthday, Harry and Jo! 🎉 Thank you for changing my life for the better!

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