Wyrd & Wonder The Fifth Signup

I’d never heard of Wyrd and Wonder until I saw information about it on Curiosity Killed the Bookworm last Friday. I decided to look more into it because it sounded like an event I might enjoy.

This is Wyrd and Wonder’s fifth year and it’s hosted by Imyril (There Is Always Room for One More), Lisa (Dear Geek), Jorie (Jorie Loves a Story), Ariana (The Book Nook), and Annemieke (A Dance with Books). This is what Imyril says about the event on her blog:

Wyrd and Wonder is an annual geek-out of like-minded adventurers as we celebrate the fantastic on our blogs and social media feeds through May. Come share your enthusiasm and recommendations (book bags of holding highly recommended) with an amazing group of other fantasy fans. We’ll be reading and reviewing books, talking about movies and tv shows, playing games and sharing our thoughts on anything vaguely fantasy-related through blog posts, bookstagrams, booktoks, booktubes, Litsy posts and tweets galore – all connected by the #wyrdandwonder hashtag.

My last test for my current school semester is on May 2, which is perfect timing. I thought it might be fun to participate in Wyrd and Wonder since fantasy is my favorite genre.

I’m looking forward to the book bingo, readalongs, blog posts, and bookstagrams. If you’re curious about the event or want to sign up, check out any one of the five hosts’ blogs.

Are you going to participate in Wyrd & Wonder? Are you veteran or will this be your first time?

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