Feeling I’m feeling hopeful. I wrote an update on my health earlier this week. The Reader’s Digest version is my arm is much better, not completely healed but manageable. I’m also on a second round of steroids that will hopefully keep my hives at bay. Unfortunately, they came back after the first round of steroids. […]

Hi there! I thought I’d check in since I’ve been “gone” for a little over a month now. My arm’s doing much better. My doctor gave me a cortisone shot a couple of days after I decided to take a blogging hiatus. It took a little over a week for it to really do anything. […]

This past week has been difficult. Not only am I still dealing with the pain in my arm, I’m now also dealing with hives all over my body. We’re not sure what’s causing the hives. It could be the turmeric I was taking to help the inflammation in my arm. It could be ibuprofen or […]

Favorite Unlikeable Characters I Can’t Help Love This week’s prompt is “Favorite ‘Awww’ Moments in Books” and I was going to try doing it. I realized I can’t remember enough details in most of the books I’ve read to come up with anything that fits the prompt. Going rogue seems like the best option. I […]

I love lists. It’s one of the reasons I participate in Top Ten Tuesday most weeks. One of my favorite lists was BBC’s The Big Read Top 100. Every few years I’d take stock and post the list highlighting the books I had read since the last time I posted it. It was a lot […]