Feeling I’m still feeling a little bit dizzy and now nauseated because of the compounded antibiotic I’m on for my mega sinus infection. I can tell it’s working because I’m not as congested as I have been, so that’s something to be grateful for. Blogging Here’s what I posted on the blog this week: Reading […]

Last week I posted Part 1 of The Series Series, discussing series I’ve read from start to finish and whether I’d recommend them to other readers. It was a lot of fun taking a deeper look at the series I’ve read. Series can be daunting especially when they have a ton of books in them […]

I wanted to read THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS AND SNAKES before the movie came out last year. Unfortunately, my reading mojo wasn’t where it normally is so I committed the cardinal sin of watching the movie before reading the book. I liked the movie so much I finally decided to start listening to the audio […]

Feeling I’m feeling a little bit dizzy, headachy, and congested again. It seems that my sinus infection hasn’t gone away. My doctor took a nose swab of each nostril. You know the swab I mean, the ones that go all the way up your nose and feels like it’s scratching your brain for an interminable […]

January has been an awesome month. I’m starting 2024 off right. Not only did I start blogging again, I’ve filled my reading bucket quite full. I participated in Bout of Books at the beginning of the month. I finished one book during the event and three others during the rest of the month. My favorite […]