I’ve been part of a IRL (“in real life” for those who don’t know that acronym) for 10.5 years now. We used to meet on the third Thursday of each month so we call ourselves the “Third Thursday Book Club.” A few months ago, we all decided it was more convenient to meet on the third Wednesday. We joke that we’re now the “Third Thursday Book Club, now on Wednesdays.”

We met this past Wednesday to discuss January’s book. (Due to COVID’s increased numbers, we opted to meet via Zoom rather than in-person. )

We discussed KEEP MOVING: NOTES ON LOSS, CREATIVITY, AND CHANGE by Maggie Smith (click the link to read my review). There were six of us that met and only five read the book. Here are some highlights of our discussion:

  • Everyone made the comment they didn’t realize KEEP MOVING was mostly the author’s collection of tweets while she was going through her divorce (affirmations to help her stay positive during a time of turmoil). We thought it was going to be more of a memoir.
  • No one hated the book, but no one loved it either.
  • A couple of people thought it was generic and unmemorable.
  • No one could really relate to the author because none of us have been through a divorce (our group is a statistical anomaly).
  • One person liked the affirmations more than the other sections.
  • One person read KEEP MOVING via audiobook and the rest of us wondered if that experience was weird given the layout of the book.
  • The phrase “keep moving” got old by the end because the author tacked it on the end of every. single. affirmation.

Our discussion was really short because KEEP MOVING wasn’t what we thought it was. Like I said in my review, though, I’m glad I read it because of the two little tidbits I got out of it.

After our discussion, we talked about other books we’ve been reading, voting on our new list of books, the Book of the Month club, what’s going on in everyone’s lives, and COVID. I had a great time as always. I really my book club and look forward to it each month, even if I don’t read the book.

Next month’s book is TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE by Jenny Han. I’m very excited to read it. It’s been on my TBR ever since the Netflix show came out, which I still haven’t watched. All things in their proper order.

Have you read KEEP MOVING? If so, what do you think about my book club’s discussion about it?