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I came out as queer to my friends and family on Wednesday. Before then only a small group of people knew. Even though I’ve been planning to come out during Pride Month for a while now, I’ve been scared about it because most of my family and friends are conservative and I wasn’t sure how they’d react. So far, the response has been amazing and I’ve felt loved and accepted.


This week on the blog:


I did make a little bit of headway with WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owens this week, but I didn’t finish it like I wanted to because I’ve been really busy with school. Hopefully, I can spend more time reading this week.


In honor of my coming out, I’m sharing Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” She’s one of my favorite musicians and I love this song.


Corey and I are still watching and loving OBI-WAN KENOBI and STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS. We also watched the first episode of the new season of THE ORVILLE. It was really powerful and we’re both so glad to have it back on the air.

I also saw both DOWNTON ABBEY: THE NEW ERA and TOP GUN: MAVERICK in the theater with some friends. I enjoyed both movie, but Top Gun was basically A New Hope with F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and SU-57s instead of X-Wings and TIE Fighters. At one point, one of the characters even says, “Stay on target.”


I love Instagram ads. I’m definitely their target audience. Thanks to an ad, I found the solution to a problem I’ve been thinking about for the last year.

As some of my readers know, I deal with mental illness and I’ve tried to hurt myself because of it. I’ve been wanting to get a semicolon tattoo on my right hand, specifically between the first and second knuckle of my middle finger, as a reminder that “my story isn’t other yet.” (This has to do with the semicolon project.) I know nothing about tattoos, and according to my research, there’s a lot of debate about getting them on your hands. In fact, some tattoo artists won’t even do them there because they disappear after awhile.

Anyway, last week, I saw this ad for Zox. They make affirmation bracelets. They have a bunch of designs and one of them is purplish-pink () with semicolons and the word “continue” written on it. For $12, I bought one, it was delivered yesterday, and I love it.


I wanted to share my latest computer programming project. We’re learning Python and we learned how to use turtle graphics this past week. Turtle graphics is a pre-installed module that allows programmers to create pictures and shapes by using different commands. My assignment was to create a landscape or picture with at least three “atomic” shapes, meaning something that can be broken down into simple shapes, like a square, rectangle, etc. Here’s what I programmed:

It took me about seven hours to do. I love it, though, and I feel really accomplished.


I need more sleep. I haven’t been sleeping very well. I’ve been going to bed around my usual time, which is midnight. I’m just not falling asleep until 3 or 4am and I’m getting up four or five hours later.

How was your week? Anything exciting happen?

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  1. Jen at Introverted Reader
    Jen at Introverted Reader says:

    I’m glad you feel love and acceptance after coming out to your friends and family and I hope that you feel the same in your online community! ❤️

    We watched the first episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi last week and thought it was boring. Does it get better? We thought Boba Fett was boring too until Mando showed up then we loved it!

    I’m glad you found a bracelet that conveys what you want and that reminds you to continue on.

    Enjoy your week!

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Jen! 😀 To be honest, I thought Boba Fett was boring too. It wasn’t my favorite. I can see why you thought the first episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi was boring. I think the second and third episodes are better. However, I did enjoy the first episode.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thank you, Karen! 😀 I’m really happy with how the picture turned out. It makes me really happy. That’s really cool that Kevin made you a bracelet for your panic attacks. 💜

  2. Jinjer
    Jinjer says:

    I love your coming out photo SO MUCH!!!! And I’m so happy you’ve gotten positive reactions!! As it should be.

    Love your little programming graphic thingie!!

  3. Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) says:

    I’m so happy for you that you felt ready to come out and that your family has taken it the way they did! What an awesome feeling it must be to not have to keep it a secret anymore. Yeah, I heard that same thing about tattoos on your hands. I got one on my inner wrist, that could be an option? But I do like that bracelet, it is a great idea too. Hope you have a great week!

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thank you, Lisa! 😀 It is great to not have to keep it a secret or feel ashamed about it anymore.

      I have thought about getting an inner wrist tattoo. I’m just afraid that I won’t see it as often as I would. It could be on the outer part of my wrist instead too. I’m still considering one. I just have something until I have the money and figure out what to do. 😀

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