Wyrd & Wonder The Fifth

Wyrd and Wonder is in its fifth year and is hosted by Imyril (There Is Always Room for One More), Lisa (Dear Geek), Jorie (Jorie Loves a Story), Ariana (The Book Nook), and Annemieke (A Dance with Books).

Yesterday was the official start of Wyrd & Wonder. Because I dislike posting more than once a day on my blog and I still want to participate in the Fantastic Five, I’ve decided to do most of my posting for the event on Instagram. (Click here to follow me on Instagram .)

Fantasy has long been my most favorite genre of reading, especially when there’s romance involved. I don’t read as much fantasy as I’d like to, though, because I also love other genres and there are just too many books and not enough time to get to them all. I’m super excited to participate in Wyrd & Wonder so I can actually focus on fantasy for the whole month of May!

Wyrd & Wonder TBR

I have five books on my TBR for Wyrd & Wonder. I’m going to participate in both read-alongs: THE SUMMER TREE by Guy Gavriel Kay and THE DARKEST PART OF THE FOREST by Holly Black. I want to read CARVE THE MARK by Veronica Roth as it’s my IRL book club’s May pick. Serendipitous, no? I picked DARLING GIRL as my book for Book of the Month because I thought it would fit the Wyrd & Wonder theme. And, finally, I’ll read THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW by CS Lewis, which is this month’s installment for the Narniathon21.

Are you participating in Wyrd & Wonder? If so, what books are you planning to read this month?

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Hi, I'm Jenni. I’m an eclectic reader. I mostly read fiction and I favor fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, thrillers, and romance. The more kissing in a book the better!
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  1. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    I admire how you fit everything in–reading, challenges, school and life in general. I’m glad that you are excited about the books because that makes it more fun; I recognize several of the authors!

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Margaret! 🙂 I really enjoy participating in these online events. All the things I participate in help me have a life worth living, something I’ve learned in my therapy.


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