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Well … after two and a half years of extreme carefulness, two vaccines, and a booster, I finally got COVID this week. As you can imagine, I’m not feeling all that good right now. Although, I am feeling marginally better than I was.

Corey and I went to his parents’ last Sunday for his mom’s birthday. Everyone was in good health, or at least we all thought we were. About 30 minutes before left for home, his dad started complaining about his throat feeling weird. That might tip people off that he was coming down with something, but Corey’s dad has throat issues. He actually had his uvula removed a while ago because his throat kept closing. (They know it’s partially due to allergies, but they’re not sure exactly what the cause is.) Because of this, we were just worried about his airway. But, I digress…

On Tuesday late morning, Corey got a text letting him know his dad tested positive for COVID. I took an at-home test right away and my first test was negative. I was falsely excited because I didn’t think I was going to get sick. … Fast forward a few hours and my throat, just like my father-in-law’s, started feeling scratchy and I knew my test lied to me.

By Wednesday evening, I was feeling achy, I was coughing, my throat was sore because of the coughing and the scratchiness from earlier, and I was over-heating. In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, I woke up with a fever, which peaked at 103° F (39.4° C). During my high fever hours, I also had the chills with body shakes. I couldn’t get warm, not even with a heating blanket. At that point, I took another at-home test just to make sure. The positive line showed up so quickly and so darkly; there was no question.

Thursday has been the worst so far. At first, I felt like I had a really bad flu. As the day went on, more and more symptoms showed up:

  • Over-heating with sweating (replaced the chills with body shakes)
  • Headache
  • Hoarse voice from coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Sinus congestion
  • Weird taste issues (a couple of things didn’t taste like they should)
  • Ears ringing
  • Snoughing (sneezing and coughing)
  • Various gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Extreme fatigue

Each day since Thursday has been slightly easier. (Although on Friday night, I did start feeling nauseated and my gastrointestinal symptoms worsened for about 12 hours.) As of writing this post on Saturday evening, I’m still feeling pretty lousy. I do see a glimmer of hope, though, which is more than I can say I felt a couple of days ago.

Corey also has COVID, which he got from me. We isolated from each other as much as possible; he’s just been such an awesome caregiver that he finally succumbed. Fortunately, his symptoms are milder than mine have been. He’s sneezy and congested. He also has a cough and gastrointestinal symptoms that are more severe than mine are. Hopefully, his symptoms don’t get any worse.


This week on the blog:


I didn’t read much this week considering. As I’ve stated in past posts, I have a hard time reading when I’m sick, especially when I feel as awful as I have this week. I just can’t concentrate on what I’m reading. Hopefully once I’m over COVID, my reading will jump back up to pre-May stats.


I didn’t really listen to any music this week, except for the music in the TV shows and and movies I’ve been watching while I’ve been sick. I’ve also been playing a lot of Animal Crossing (ACNH) this week. A. Lot. I mean like 20 hours. (Ever since the pandemic started it’s been my go-to when I’ve been sick or anxious because I don’t really have to think.) In honor of all the ACNH I’ve been playing, here’s my favorite song from the game, “Stale Cupcakes.”


Corey and I watched the first episode of MS. MARVEL and we both loved it. We love the style. It reminds us of SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE because of all the comic and drawing asides. I’m really excited to see where this story goes since I know nothing about Ms. Marvel.

I also started the new season of MASTERCHEF. This season’s going to be exciting because they’re bringing back all the all-stars from past seasons. I was really excited to see that some of the contestants actually had a chance to go to culinary school before this season.

We also watched one of our favorite movies that we have seen for years. DICK, the 1999 comedy with Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams about the mysterious identity of Deep Throat. This was before his true identity was revealed, anyway. It’s such a fun movie. It’s on Hulu if you’re interested in watching it.


I love Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray. Without it, I wouldn’t have survived the past few nights. It clears my sinuses long enough that I can lay down and sleep for five or so hours. (I’m not as clogged up when I’m sitting upright, but I can’t sleep very well without laying down in my bed.)


I want to feel better now, LOL. Yes, of course it’s because I feel lousy and I want to know what it’s like to feel well again. It’s also because I don’t want to get too far behind in my class. As some of you know, I got really sick last semester and got behind in this class and now I’m taking it again. I want to avoid taking it a third time if I can.


I also need both Corey and me to be COVID free by this coming Thursday because we’re under contract (), our closing date is set for June 30, and there’s a lot to do between now and then. I don’t want COVID to cause the deal to fall through.

How was your week? Anything exciting happen?

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42 replies
  1. Gayathri
    Gayathri says:

    That’s too bad. And I am sorry you both are suffering.

    We had our very first COVID scare in our family since this all started, after one of my colleague tested positive. We tested negative (twice this week) but we quarantined just to be sure. Am I paranoid? Maybe, but better safe than sorry.

    I hope you have a better week ahead.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thank you, Gayathri. 💜 I’m so glad you and your family are negative. I don’t think you’re paranoid for quarantining. I hope you continue to stay negative.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Bonnie! 💜

      No, I don’t really have my new favorite picked yet, but I’m rooting for a couple of people because they were favorites from the original seasons they were on.

  2. Aj @ Read All The Things!
    Aj @ Read All The Things! says:

    That sounds awful. I hope you feel better soon! I haven’t had COVID (yet), but I’ve had a few close calls from being around infected people. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve had to take 3 COVID tests. All were negative.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, AJ! 💜 I’m so glad you haven’t gotten it yet. I was hoping to have that badge of honor, but it feels like everyone is going to get it eventually. 😢

  3. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I’m so sorry you and Corey both got COVID. I really hope you feel much better soon. We still haven’t got it yet, but I am worried that we’ll get it soon, as everyone seems to be getting it now. Again, I really hope you feel much better soon!

  4. Sophie
    Sophie says:

    I am really sorry that you are so unwell! And yes Vicks can be a life saver. I hope you’ll get better very soon! Hugs.

  5. Louise Hallett
    Louise Hallett says:

    Oh no, I hope you are both on the mend really soon. It’s good to hear your house sale is progressing well, fingers crossed you are fit and well in time to sort it all out.

  6. Anne - Books of My Heart
    Anne - Books of My Heart says:

    I’m sorry for the Covid and hope you feel better soon. We haven’t had it, stay home mostly and mask when we go out for appts. I’ll have to ask my daughter about Masterchef, we are getting nearly through Hell’s Kitchen.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Anne. 💜 I’m glad you haven’t gotten it yet. We mostly stay home too, but we have been more adventurous. We also wear masks, but unless the people I’m around wear masks too, which they don’t where I live, then I’m not really protected very much. 😕

  7. Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) says:

    Fingers crossed you are Covid free for Thursday! That would be such a bummer! Sorry you ended up with that. And that sucks that the first test was negative, but it lied! I hope this week is better. I’m the same as you when I’m sick. It is hard to read, which makes no sense, but that’s how it is.

  8. Greg
    Greg says:

    Oh that sucks, I’m so sorry you got Covid! I hope you’re both feeling better soon. When I got it I kept a daily log of my symptoms too and it really helped- plus it’s interesting to look back on two years later! Anyways- I’ve had those body chills where you can’t stop shaking and can’t warm up- it’s awful.

    I want to try Ms. Marvel.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Greg! 💜 I wanted to keep the log because I do the v-safe thing for the vaccine. When it asks me for my next check in, I can give a more accurate account of my COVID experience. 😀

      I hope you enjoy Ms. Marvel. I look forward to hearing what you thing about it. Sorry you’re not enjoying Obi-Wan Kenobi as much.

  9. Cindy Davis
    Cindy Davis says:

    Oh no! I hope you both (and Corey’s dad as well) are all feeling better this week. I hope everything goes smoothly with the closing of the house and your house. Have a good week.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Cindy! 💜 Corey’s dad is feeling a lot better. I’m starting to feel better, thankfully. Corey’s still in the throes. Hopefully, he’ll start feeling better soon too.

  10. Jodie
    Jodie says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick. And after being so careful too. I hope you both feel better very soon and that things can go ahead with the closing. Take care and try and have a good week ahead.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thank you, Jodie! 💜 Today is the first day I feel optimistic that we’ll be okay for the closing as I’m starting to feel better. Yay.

  11. Jinjer
    Jinjer says:

    Yikes! That is very discouraging that you got hit that hard with COVID despite being vaxxed and boosted! So weird how it hits some people worse than others. I’m so sorry you guys are sick and hope you feel better by Thursday to meet your deadline!

    Adding Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray and whatever reduces fevers…Advil?…to my shopping list.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Jinjer! 💜 The question is how would I have fared without the vaccines and booster? I have a lot of pre-existing conditions. I think it would’ve been a lot worse, honestly. 🙂 For the fever, I took Tylenol and Advil.

  12. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a miserable week. I’m feeling like it’s only a matter of time before I get the virus too. It’s still around and I’m definitely not being quite as careful as I was. I’m glad you’re on the upswing though! I’m a fan of Afrin Nasal spray even though it’s quite addictive. It really works to unclog my nose.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Margaret! 💜 Yeah, I think everyone’s going to get it at some point. We can only stay in lockdown mode for so long. I feel like going back to DefCon1–staying home and not interacting with people and wearing a mask whenever I go out. I stopped wearing one because no one wears them here and it’s only effective when both people wear them. Sigh.

  13. Tessa
    Tessa says:

    Oh, no! I hope you all feel much better soon. I know a number of people who have contracted it recently even though they are vaccinated and boostered. Take care and get plenty of rest!

  14. Mareli Thalwitzer
    Mareli Thalwitzer says:

    Aaah man! I’m so sorry you caught the dreadful disease. But at least you had your shots, just imagine how sick you might have been without it…!!!

    I hope you will be back on your feet real fast and back to blogging and reading as much as you want!

    Good luck and take care of yourself!

    Elza Reads

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Mareli! 💜 Yes, I’m grateful that I was vaccinated and boosted. I know it would’ve been a lot worse if I hadn’t been, especially since I have a lot of pre-existing conditions.

  15. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books says:

    Oh no, so sorry to hear that you and your husband are sick. I feel like my husband and I are among the very few I know who have managed not to get it. We’ve been exceedingly cautious over the past two years – to the point of getting remarks from other family members (who of course have had it). I so hope you feel better this week and that this doesn’t impact your closing.

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thank you, Tanya! 💜 We were like that, but we started to relax a little bit in the last few months. I wish we hadn’t now. I hope you and your husband keep that badge of honor and stay COVID-free.

  16. Karen
    Karen says:

    I hope you are finally feeling better this week. It’s been 2 weeks for us and we had a way more mild case than you but we’re both getting so tired after minimal activity. Really hoping that goes away soon.

    I was most afraid of the coughing too because I have esophageal issues. Luckily, that was mild for me.

    Here’s to a better week and successful closing Jenni!

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks, Karen! 💜 I’m sorry you and Kevin are still feeling so tired after doing minimal activity. I feel you. I hope that lets up soon for you. I am, thankfully, starting to feel better. I’m still congested, but I’m no longer achy or coughing. I went to sleep for the first time last night without taking any meds to help me feel better so that’s something.

  17. Jen at Introverted Reader
    Jen at Introverted Reader says:

    Oh no! I hope you and Corey were feeling better in time for your closing!

    I want to start Ms. Marvel but we’re trying to finish Obi-Wan Kenobi first. It has been BORING these first three episodes. At least we think so.

    Take care!

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thank you! 💜 We’re finally starting to feel better so I think we’ll be okay for the closing. Thank goodness! I know a lot of people who have though OBI-WAN KENOBI is boring. I’ve actually really enjoyed it, but I totally get your POV.

  18. Elyse
    Elyse says:

    Ooof this is last Sunday’s post so I very much hope you and Corey are both in good health again! My brother is a traveling RN and he finally got COVID last weekend. 104 fever, aches, chills/sweats, sneezing, runny nose. Everyone in his house (his wife and 4 kids!) all isolated from him and they’ve all been testing negative. They’re all vaxxed and boosted except his 4 y/o. But he’s on the mend, a week in. So I hope you are too!! And how is Corey’s dad?

    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Thanks for checking in! 💜 We all have some lingering symptoms, like a cough or headache, but we doing better, otherwise. Corey’s dad too. I’m so sorry to hear your brother go it this past weekend too. I’m glad he’s on the mend and that his family was able to keep from getting it.

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