Top Ten Tuesday #19

Favorite Quotes from Harry Potter Today’s prompt is “Book Quote Freebie” and I’ve decided to share my top 10 favorite quotes from Harry Potter. As many of my readers know, I struggle with mental illness–Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, among other things. Harry Potter has been a huge comfort to me for the last 21 […]

Top Ten Tuesday #18

Books I was SOOO Excited to Get and I Still Haven’t Read The literary community in Utah is amazing. A. Maz. Ing. Before the pandemic, my bookish friends and I used to go to a signing at least once every other month sometimes more often. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some fabulous authors like […]

Top Ten Tuesday #17

Bookish Characters This week’s prompt is “Bookish Characters.” This seems easy, except I think we’re supposed to choose a category of character, like favorite readers, librarians, professors, etc. At least that’s what I’m understanding from the instructions. Here are my top ten favorite bookworms: Hermione GrangerHarry Potter Series by JK Rowling Bella SwanTwilight Saga by […]

Top Ten Tuesday #16

One-Word Reviews for the Last Ten Books I Read This week’s prompt is “One-Word Reviews for the Last Ten Books I Read” and was submitted by my friend Susan from Bloggin’ ‘Bout Books. Here are the last ten books I’ve read, excluding any rereads: Delightful Thrilling Ingenious Unputdownable Fun Intriguing Powerful Suspenseful Relatable Frustrating I […]

Top Ten Tuesday #15

Books I Put on my TBR Because the Covers are Purple This week’s prompt is “Books with [___] on the Cover” and it comes with instructions. They are: Pick a thing (a color, an item, a place, an animal, a scripty font, a sexy person, etc.) and share covers that have that thing on the […]