Last December, I made four bookish goals for 2021. They are: It’s time to evaluate how I did with each of them: As you can tell, I didn’t accomplish any of my goals. This year wasn’t a good reading year. It started out good, though. I read four books in January and two books in […]

At the end of each year, I like to reflect on what happened during the year. Trigger warning. Only continue reading if you’re in a good space. On March 1, I overdosed on Lithium and ended up in the hospital for a week. I was very lucky that with the amount of Lithium I took, […]

Hello there! I’m Jenni Elyse. I created this blog on June 23, 2007. Due to severe depression and anhedonia, I stopped blogging regularly around three and a half years ago. I’ve changed my blog’s concept more times than I can count during the 14.5 years since its inception. I’ve finally realized this is because I […]