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Top Ten Tuesday #22

Favorite Animals from Books This week’s prompt is “Books I Wish Had an Epilogue.” My brain isn’t working like it should because I’ve been down with COVID for the past week. Not fun. And, I honestly don’t remember which books have an epilogue or not. I’ve decided to do a past topic that I didn’t […]

Sunday Post #22

Feeling Well … after two and a half years of extreme carefulness, two vaccines, and a booster, I finally got COVID this week. As you can imagine, I’m not feeling all that good right now. Although, I am feeling marginally better than I was. Corey and I went to his parents’ last Sunday for his […]

Top Ten Tuesday #21

Books with a Unit of Time in the Title I’m not going to lie. This prompt stumped me a little bit. No books came immediately to my mind. I had to use my Excel spreadsheet with my 1200+ TBR for help.  Here are my top ten eight books with a unit of time in the […]

Sunday Post #21

Feeling I came out as queer to my friends and family on Wednesday. Before then only a small group of people knew. Even though I’ve been planning to come out during Pride Month for a while now, I’ve been scared about it because most of my family and friends are conservative and I wasn’t sure […]