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December Book Club

Due to my recent health issues, this is the first time I’ve read my IRL book club’s book and attended the discussion since September. I’m glad I was able to go because not only do I love my book club, I look forward to December’s meeting all year. We met in-person last Thursday evening to […]

Top Ten Tuesday #40

Books on My Winter 2023 TBR I honestly love the original prompt for today. However, I only got two books for Christmas this year. This is completely fine because I have enough of a backlog as there is, lol. For those who are curious, I received a beautiful new edition of DUNE by Frank Herbert […]

Sunday News: Christmas Edition

Feeling I’m feeling hopeful. I wrote an update on my health earlier this week. The Reader’s Digest version is my arm is much better, not completely healed but manageable. I’m also on a second round of steroids that will hopefully keep my hives at bay. Unfortunately, they came back after the first round of steroids. […]

Still Here

Hi there! I thought I’d check in since I’ve been “gone” for a little over a month now. My arm’s doing much better. My doctor gave me a cortisone shot a couple of days after I decided to take a blogging hiatus. It took a little over a week for it to really do anything. […]