Midnight Sun: An Apology

As soon as I read Stephenie Meyer’s announcement that Midnight Sun was coming out in August, I pre-ordered it on Amazon so it would arrive on release day, August 4. Yesterday, I received an email from Amazon stating that it was being delayed and I wouldn’t receive it until Thursday. *firstworldproblems* I called my local […]

July 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

I’ve been reading up a storm! I’m so excited at how many books I’m reading right now. I’m reading one per week, sometimes two. I’ve never done this in my entire life. It feels awesome to be doing it, not for the accomplishment of it but for the fun of it. I’m reading so many […]

Series Review: His Dark Materials

There are mild spoilers for The Amber Spyglass in this review. This is my second time reading the His Dark Materials series. I loved it the first time I read the series and I loved it this second time as well. I love the mystery, the political and religious intrigue, and I absolutely love the […]

Because of Harry Potter

It never fails; I always think about Harry Potter around July 31. I don’t always say anything about it, except maybe in passing, but I always think about the books that changed my life. I always say Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight got me reading. That’s true, but only to a point. Twilight got me reading voraciously. But, I […]

Book Club Picks 2020-2021

Every March my book club submits books we want to read for the next “book club year.” We have two voting rounds. The first voting round narrows our list of 30 or 40 books down to 15-20ish books. In the first round, we each vote for 12 books we want to read. The books with […]