Bout of Books 34 is finally here! Even though I have a lot going on this week, I hope I can still spend quite a bit of time reading. During the week as I participate in Bout of Books, I’ll keep track of my progress on this post. At the end of the week, I’ll […]

Feeling I’m feeling many things. Today is Mother’s Day in the US and it’s a hard day for me. This Mother’s Day marks the 9th anniversary of when I last spoke to my mom. A week later, she passed away. As you can imagine, I’m feeling a bit sad as I remember her. I miss […]

There are spoilers for THE HORSE AND HIS BOY in this post. THE HORSE AND HIS BOY is the fifth book in the Narniad (in published order). I finished reading it for the Narniathon21 on April 30. (The Narniathon’s hosted by Chris at Calmgrove.) When I first read THE HORSE AND HIS BOY 14 years […]

When I read Wendy’s review of DEAR EMMIE BLUE, I put it on hold right that second at my local library. Fortunately for me, there was no wait and I got to pick it up the very next day. I’m so happy I got it as fast as I did because I absolutely adored this […]

This is probably going to be really funny to my readers and I guess you’ll get to see how my brain works a little bit. Anyway, I’ve never read this many books in a year up to this point before and I realized if I pushed myself and read five books this month, I’d finish […]