When I first posted what it’s like living with depression, I had recently seen my psychiatrist and he put me on a new medication to replace the $1200/month one. It’s similar to it but less expensive. Unfortunately, it also have a nasty side effect of making me feel incredibly anxious and jittery so I also […]

Every Wednesday, I’ve decided to show you a glimpse into what I’m been working on. Last week, I finished my first “knitting in the round” project. I made a beanie with my favorite color combination of yarn. I ❤️ it and wear it quite frequently. Right now, I’m working on a scarf that matches my […]

As you know from my Introduction post, I suffer from mental illness and it can be pretty devastating. As such, self-care is very important to me. It’s necessary for my survival. When I’m not actively engaged in self-care, there’s a good chance I’ll hit rock bottom or may even become suicidal. My self-care includes: reading; […]

I shared this on Instagram a few days ago and shared this on my blog pre-new direction. I wanted to share it again because I wrote it during another low-point. It helped helps me remember three very important things: 1) I’m not alone, 2) life has a purpose, and 3) to never give up. Rising […]