Before I Blogged: Edenbrooke

Before I Blogged is a feature here at Jenni Elyse. The main idea is to discuss a book I’ve previously read and haven’t reviewed on this blog. Hence the title, Before I Blogged. 😂 There may be mild spoilers in this discussion.

I recently reread Heir to Edenbrooke and Edenbrooke because I wanted to read something that I could read quickly and knew I’d love. I first read Heir to Edenbrooke in December 2015 and Edenbrooke in January 2013.

I fell in love with Edenbrooke when I first read it because of how swoony the romance is. I loved the flirting and bantering between Philip and Marianne. The dialogue between those two was a treat to read. I also loved the setting. Regency romances are some of my favorites if they’re done right and Julianne Donaldson knows how to do them right!

Even though regency era novels don’t have kissing in them because it would’ve been way too scandalous, I love that historical fiction regency romances usually have at least one swoony kiss as part of the story. And, it so happens that Edenbrooke has my all-time favorite kissing scene in it.

“[Philip] crossed the room to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. In three steps, he had me backed up against a bookcase. Before I could do more than catch my breath, he took my face in his hands and kissed me.

“I had never really been kissed before. But I did not need experience to know that Philip’s kiss was, in a word, devastating. His lips were firm and insistent, gentle and caressing. His fingers threaded in my hair, holding my head exactly how he wanted it while he kissed me one way, then another, until I trembled in his arms.”

🔥🔥🔥 It keeps going, but you get the idea. Why is this my favorite? I love the imagery of Philip crossing the room and backing Marianne up against a bookcase. It just makes me giddy. And, if I put Tom Hiddleston in the place of Philip, it makes it that much better. (If you don’t like Tom Hiddleston, insert your favorite Brit in his place. 😉)

I also love Heir to Edenbrooke even though it’s only 53 pages because you get to know Philip a little bit better and why he was so boorish toward Marianne during their first meeting. Plus, it takes you through that entire inn scene from his point-of-view and he really did fall for her rather quickly. Reading Heir to Edenbrooke before reading Edenbrooke just makes Edenbrooke that much more delicious.

I honestly could keep gushing about Edenbrooke and Heir to Edenbrooke forever, but I’ll stop here. Have you read them? If so, what do you think about either of them or both? It’s okay if you don’t like them as much as I do or even at all. Why do you feel the way you do? Let’s have a discussion.

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