Nada. I have all the time in the world now that I’ve quit my job, but I don’t feel like watching anything. It’s a tragedy because there’s so many shows I wanted to watch when I had the time. Curse you, irony! 🤦🏼‍♀️


I’ve been in a reading slump of epic proportions, but I do still want to read a little bit, which is good. My reads just have to be light and fluffy or an old favorite. Right now I’m reading By Your Side by Kasie West. So far, I like it.


I’ve been listening to some oldies. It’s so weird to call this an oldie, lol, but it’s one of my favorites.


I’m blogging again after a month hiatus. Depression is so hard to deal with sometimes. You never know how long it’s going to last. I’m doing a lot better than I was a month ago. Even though the depression isn’t gone by any means, it’s much better than it was. I think quitting my job, some medication changes, and some other personal experiences in the last month have helped get me back into a good place.


As long as I’m doing something, I’m okay. Otherwise, I’m bored. You’re probably like, duuuuh. But, it’s so much easier said than done. I’m running out of things to do or at least things I want to do.


I’m loving sleeping in every day, though I’m trying not to overdo it.


I want to take a photography class.


I need to finish figuring out my schedule for fall. I think I have it planned out for the most part, but I’m trying to decide how many credits I want to take. Do I want to stick to 11 credits or take an easy A class and do 15 credits? The easy A class would just be for funsies, but it would still have homework and tests so it’s still something to think about.

Movies I Want to See: Edition 2

I’m a huge movie fan. I love them! Some of my fondest memories are watching movies with my family and friends. There aren’t always movies I’m looking forward to, but it seems in the next few months there’s a rash of movies coming out that I want to see. There are so many good movies […]

Book vs. Movie: Ready Player One

Book vs. Movie is a feature here at Jenni Elyse. The main idea is to do a side-by-side review of the book and movie and whether I think the book or movie is better. Book The concept of Ready Player One was so fascinating. I loved the dystopian society that Cline built and the need […]

Review: Anne of Green Gables

I read Anne of Green Gables as part of a readalong because I had never read it before. I was worried I wouldn’t like it because classics and I don’t always get along very well. I needn’t have worried because I adored Anne and her spunk. I can see why this coming-of-age story is a […]

March 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

March was another outstanding reading month. Even if you don’t count the 53-page novella I reread, I still read quite a few books this month. 🤩 Even though I only managed to read two books in February, I’ve averaged to read at least one book per week this year. 🤯 Huzzah! My not-so-secret goal is looking doable this […]

Anne of Green Gables Readalong Discussion #3

First, let’s get some business out of the way! Don’t forget to join the Twitter chat tonight at 6:30 pm MDT/8:30 pm EDT. I’ll (@jenni_elyse) be hosting. We’ll be using #GreenGablesRAL during the chat. It’s the last one, so please don’t forget about it! It should be tons of fun! 🎉 Also, don’t forget about the movie […]