Reading Challenge Rules

Play Book Tag

Read at least one book per month that fits each monthly tag.

Fly the PBT Skies

Travel the world by book. The book must have at least 5 tags on Goodreads to count. Get 500 miles bonus if book fits monthly tag. Can only go to same destination twice via different tag (e.g. England and London or England and Britain). Visit all seven continents for bonus. Must travel as close to hometown in December as possible.

Pursue It! Book It! Track It!

Collect specific keywords chosen by the PBT admins to find while reading the monthly PBT tag. There’ll be four, ranging in difficulty levels. The keywords can only be collected once. They can be found in the same or different books. Collect all four and get a bonus.

Unofficial Trim

Choose twelve books and number them 1-12. Someone participating in the challenge will choose a number to read each month. Read the book that corresponds to the number chosen.

Long Book Challenge

Read 3,000 pages from books at least 500 pages or longer. Read one book from each category for an additional challenge.