Rediscovering the Artist within Me

When I was younger, I really enjoyed drawing. I didn’t really pursue it in any capacity because I hated my art classes. I didn’t like being told by my art teachers I wasn’t any good or I was doing things wrong. I also didn’t really like exploring areas of art I wasn’t interested in. I just liked to draw.

I mostly enjoy mimicking. I can recreate illustrations perfectly without tracing or I can draw something similar to the original in my own style. I mostly enjoy illustration-style art and manga.

I’ve discovered I especially enjoy sketching and illustrating on my iPad Air with my Pencil because I can easily erase my pencil marks after I ink everything in. Since May, I’ve been drawing up a storm. I’ve been using the illustrations in my journal. I’ve really enjoyed myself. Here are the illustrations I’ve done so far.

I used Moleskine’s Flow app to draw all of these. I really like the app except for a huge bug in the app. It has rendering problems so if I close the app and reopen it, my illustrations look messed up. It took me three times as long as it should’ve to finish my “June” illustration because I was dealing with the rendering bug. Fortunately, I contacted their support and they put me in contact with one of the developers and he thinks he’s discovered the problem. He said it should hopefully be fixed in the app’s next update. I was happy to hear that as Flow’s my favorite drawing app. I mean it has a color named “Planet Express” and it’s the color of the Planet Express ship! Anyone who loves Futurama as much as I do has to be awesome.

Anyway, I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. Here’s my most recent illustration for the “June” page in my journal and below it is the Instagram post I got my inspiration from.

I’m glad my desire to draw is back. I’ve missed it a lot and I didn’t really realize how much I did. I’m excited to keep at it and see what I illustrate.

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    • Jenni Elyse
      Jenni Elyse says:

      Oh, that’s cool! I really like clipart when it’s a certain style. I’ll have to go check it out. I haven’t started reading other blogs yet. I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed with things.


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