Meet Kaede. He’s an alien-like monster who loves making children laugh instead of scream. Sound familiar? Yeah, well, it should. He is best friends with Sully and Mike Wazowski after all. 😉

Kaede is my first originally designed and crocheted amigurumi. I was going for a cat-like creature with integrated ears so I didn’t have to sew them on. But … he turned into a blue devil-ish / upside down tooth-ish creature instead. He’s inspired by some of rosieok’s creations. I think he’s awesome for my first design and I learned a lot while working on him which will help me with my future designs.

I was going to share his pattern, but I got a little lost writing everything down after I got done with both of the ears, which is really funny because the ears are the first thing I did. Oops. 😂 Hopefully, I’ll have better luck next time with keeping track of my stitches for a pattern.

What do you think of him? 🧶

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