Hi there! 👋 It’s been a while. I’m still struggling with depression and other mental health issues like I was when I stopped blogging a year and a half ago. But, I find myself longing to put myself out there via blogging again. I tried mental health blogging (again) and I just couldn’t keep it going. I wrote two posts and then couldn’t wrap my head around my thoughts enough to coherently post anything else. 🤷

I’ve been reading a book a week since the middle of June! This is a first for me and a huge triumph with having been in an epic reading slump for the last four years. Because of my miraculous reading, I’ve decided to start book blogging again. So …

I know most of the people I know have stopped in the last year and a half. I also know blogging is becoming a thing of the past with social media being a more popular way to communicate. That’s okay. I’m okay if this is just for me. I just feel compelled to put my thoughts out there in some way as I left Facebook and Twitter earlier this year.

Anyway, I look forward to sharing my bookish thoughts again. 📚

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