As you know from my Introduction post, I suffer from mental illness and it can be pretty devastating. As such, self-care is very important to me. It’s necessary for my survival. When I’m not actively engaged in self-care, there’s a good chance I’ll hit rock bottom or may even become suicidal. My self-care includes: reading; hanging out with friends; cuddling with my cats; spending time with my husband; and crafting, mostly in the form of crocheting and knitting. I do a little bit of quilting and needlework as well.

I learned how to crochet in 2001. When I worked at a call center, I crocheted afghan after afghan because of how mindless (yet satisfying) the task was. I learned to knit a year later and I’m still learning new techniques.

Welcome to the concept of my blog: crafting as self-care. I want to share pictures of my current and old projects, free patterns, craft activities with friends, and discuss how it affects my mental health now and then.

Cheers! 🥂

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  1. Kami
    Kami says:

    Crafting with you and Hava has been so great! I think creating is beneficial to everyone. It makes me happier anyway. Thanks for teaching me to crochet!


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