Sunday Post #10

Feeling I’m feeling hopeful. Friday was the worst day I had with this stomach bug, but then I felt almost normal yesterday. I’m hoping I’m over the worst of it now and I can get on with my life and start enjoying life again. I’m still going to take it easy and only eat soup […]

Sunday Post #9

Feeling I’m feeling accomplished. This week was spring break for my university and I used it to get caught up in most of my classes. I’m still not caught up in one class because I had a second bout of the stomach flu this week. Overall, though, I feel great about what I did accomplish […]

Sunday Post #8

Feeling I’m feeling a lot better emotionally than I have in a long time (other than being worried and sad about what’s happening in Ukraine). It’s really interesting because last weekend I was in a pretty low place from losing my friend. Because of a few comments from my readers and the tools I’ve learned […]

Sunday Post #7

Feeling I’m feeling crushed and a little bit numb. My friendship of 10 years with my BFF ended this week. She basically told me she can’t handle my Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) because the unpredictability of my moods is too much for her. She termed my mood swings as tantrums. I understand being around someone […]

Sunday Post #6

Feeling I’m feeling exhausted both physically and mentally. I’m also feeling grateful. (I’m not sure about talking about this. I have before, but not as a book blogger. I’m a little nervous I won’t be accepted the same way I was after sharing this.) I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) about a year […]