Sunday Post: Easter Edition

Feeling I was feeling a little bit sad on Thursday and Friday. I’m pretty sure it was because I hadn’t hung out with any of my friends for about a month. (I need to be around people other than my husband every once in a while.) And, when I tried to set up a lunch […]

Sunday Post #13

Feeling I’m feeling a little bit tired. I haven’t been sleeping very well lately for some reason. I’m not sure why. Blogging This week on the blog: The Silver Chair: A Discussion Top Ten Tuesday #12 Wyrd & Wonder the Fifth Signup Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon Signup Reading I’m still reading my February Book of the […]

Sunday Post #12

Feeling I’m feeling really good about most things right now. My health continues to improve. My procedures on Monday went well. I’m just waiting for the results from the biopsies. I did find out that I have inflammation in my stomach lining and that’s what caused me to vomit blood. It’s not an ulcer yet. […]

Sunday Post #11

Feeling I’m feeling a little anxious. I met with my doctor on Tuesday to talk about the next steps regarding the digestive issues I’ve been having. Because I’ve been so sick for so long and because I threw up some blood the Friday before I met with him, he scheduled me to do an endoscopy […]

Sunday Post #10

Feeling I’m feeling hopeful. Friday was the worst day I had with this stomach bug, but then I felt almost normal yesterday. I’m hoping I’m over the worst of it now and I can get on with my life and start enjoying life again. I’m still going to take it easy and only eat soup […]