Things that Make Me Feel Happy

In Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), two of the things we learn are called Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance. Emotion Regulation refers to our ability to regulate our emotion(s) in difficult situations and not act on potentially ineffective urges (e.g., self-harm, rage quit a desired activity, damage a positive relationship). Distress Tolerance is a set of […]

I Hear They’re Good in Belgium

Just call me Jenni, the Waffler. What am I waffling about? Remember my post last month about starting school again and having everything worked out and knowing what I wanted to do with my life? Yeah, I’m not so sure anymore. I’ve been in school for a month and I’m really enjoying it. I love […]

Let’s Try This Again…

If you know me IRL, then you know that in the last 11 years I’ve tried going back to school to finish my bachelor’s a few times. And, like most things in my life, I stopped because of severe depression and an unstable self-image or self-identity. I got my associate’s degree in 1999, right out […]

Moving Forward

It’s been almost two months since I started blogging again. Well, I don’t think I can say “blogging” necessarily as this is only my 7th post in two months. Let’s say it’s been almost exactly two months to the day since I posted my first post AND I had grand plans. Grand plans … which […]

A Snippet from My Journal

I thought it might be interesting to share a snippet from my journal. This entry is from yesterday. I’m a little anxious about sharing it because it shows how I, as a person diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), am extremely vulnerable in relationships. People with BPD live in constant fear of being abandoned by […]