It’s now been one week since Endgame was released. If you haven’t seen it, this is your warning–there are spoilers in this post!

I wrote this post the day after I saw the movie the first time and I have many feelings. It’s no secret how much I ❤️ the MCU. I’ve been looking forward to / dreading Endgame since Infinity War. Wait … What?! Why dreading, you ask? Because I knew it would be the end of the MCU as we know it. (Not in the sense of no more movies. Just in the sense of it’s going to be different from here on out.)

First and foremost, did I enjoy the movie? Yes, but it was bittersweet for sooo many reasons and I have questions!

1: Tony Stark


I knew deep down inside that Tony was the one to wield the stones and “save” the day. It only makes sense from Dr. Strange’s declaration in Infinity War, “It was the only way” and that he gave up the Time stone freely in order to preserve Tony’s life.

I wish Tony could’ve had it all. He finally found peace with Pepper and their daughter. He finally outgrew his egotistical, playboy ways. But, that’s why his death was so fitting even though it was the one I didn’t want to happen above all else (other than Loki’s permanence, but we’ll get to that).

2: Loki

I was hoping beyond all hope that undoing Thanos’ snap would reset everything back to before Asgard was destroyed but still keep Ragnarok from happening and Hela trapped. But, that was foolish of me. Really, I just wanted my favorite villain / antihero to not remain dead. Why couldn’t Loki be brought back?! Why?!

Loki’s fate in Endgame raises questions. How is Loki going to have his own TV show if he’s dead? I mean, he’s really dead not fake dead like in Thor 2: The Dark World. Is the TV show going to be a prequel? I hope not. Please let Loki be alive somehow! 🤞🏻

3: Cap and Black Widow

All I really have to say about Cap is 🥰. He couldn’t have had a better ending and it just warms the cockles of my heart. Although, and I’m going to get backlash for this, if he had died, I would’ve been sad but I wouldn’t have cared as much as I care about Tony. #teamIronMan

Black Widow, on the other hand, 😭. Again, her death isn’t as devastating to me as Tony’s was, but I wish she could’ve survived. I do love the juxtaposition between her and Clint fighting between who dies to get the Soul stone and Thanos literally dragging a kicking and screaming Gamora off the cliff for the Soul stone. The different portrayals of love and which is stronger is very poignant.

4: Gamora

I’m so smad! Thanos, I hate you! I’m glad we have a Gamora back, but I want our Gamora back not 9-years-ago Gamora who doesn’t know the other Guardians of the Galaxy. All I can say is GotG3 better resolve this turn of events satisfactorily, including the romance piece! (I’m stoked that Thor is joining the crew, though.)

Anyway, those are my thoughts. If you’ve seen it, what are yours?