I Bid You Adieu

I know I’ve quit blogging before and I started back up about 10 months later. Maybe I’ll do that again. I just don’t know. Depression is a fickle thing. One day I feel completely fine and another day I don’t. My depression is worse than it has been in a very long time and I’m just not feeling the blogging thing right now. Instead of forcing myself to keep at it and do something I’m just not enjoying, I’m moving on.

Thank you to all my readers and friends who’ve made blogging worthwhile. I appreciate your comments and words of encouragement over the years. I treasure our friendships and I’m glad blogging brought us together. That was what it was all about, honestly.

I’ll still keep my website because I’ve had one since 1996 and I can’t imagine a world without my little corner of the Internet. It’ll just be more of an “About Me” page and a reading tracker.

And, I’ll still be around the Interwebs on FacebookGoodreads, Twitter, and Instagram. Maybe we can still chat there if we’re not friends in real life.

Anyway, good luck in all your future endeavors! 😚