I’m still mostly working on the afghan for Christina’s little boy since it’s due at the end of March. However, to take a break from it, as I do sometimes, I did start (and restart) another afghan for a friend who’s pregnant and due in July.

She doesn’t know the gender yet, but she requested an afghan that’s mint green, yellow, and white. The green in the yarn I found is more limey, but I really like the colors and I hope she will too.

Every now and then on Fridays, I want to share some of my past completed projects.

Since I’ve been knitting up a storm, I thought it only fitting to share my first knitting project. I first learned to knit in February 2002 by a neighbor. Once I learned how, I promptly started working on an afghan for Corey because I like to keep (in the house) the first project I make.

I was a faster crocheter during my first knitting project and, at the time, I used to crochet like mad. I’d make afghan after afghan for presents. So, sadly, my knitting project always got put on the back burner. Fast forward to September 2015 and I finally finished the afghan.

The pattern came from “Comfy” in the Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans pattern book. (You can find it on page 12.) I used one color of the Red Heart Super Saver brand yarn called Buff Fleck (4334).

This past week, I’ve mostly been working on one project. It’s an afghan for my friend Christina’s son’s first birthday in March. I’m so excited to give it to him when I’m done.

I saw a similar pattern on a Danish blog that I couldn’t translate well, no thanks to Google. 😂 Fortunately, the blogger had a diagram so I used Excel and using what little knitting knowledge I have, I figured out the pattern and how to make it work. I had to rewrite some of it once it came to doing it, but it has worked out great so far. Now, I’m just worried whether or not I have enough yarn for the project like I do with every project I start. 😆

I’m the type of person that likes to work on more than one project at the same time, especially when it’s a project that’ll take a while, like a scarf or an afghan. Right now, I’m actively working on four projects: 1) the scarf I talked about last week, 2) a crocheted afghan I started last year, 3) a pair of knitted socks, and 4) a knitted afghan for my friend’s son’s birthday in March. #lotsofpurple 😉😂

Here are each of my WIPs in their various states of progress:

What are you working on right now?

Every Wednesday, I’ve decided to show you a glimpse into what I’m been working on.

Last week, I finished my first “knitting in the round” project. I made a beanie with my favorite color combination of yarn. I ❤️ it and wear it quite frequently. Right now, I’m working on a scarf that matches my beanie using the same yarn.

What are you working on right now?