I like to make things for other people. I’ve often crocheted afghans or amigurumi as birthday or Christmas presents. I’ve also made blessing (similar to Christenings) afghans for babies.

I used to cut out a rectangle and write out the care instructions for the receiver, a little ugly thing but effective. A few days ago, I got this idea and made this tag recently to print with any gifted items. I ❤️ how it turned out and can’t wait to use it. Time to get crafting! 🧶

As you know from my Introduction post, I suffer from mental illness and it can be pretty devastating. As such, self-care is very important to me. It’s necessary for my survival. When I’m not actively engaged in self-care, there’s a good chance I’ll hit rock bottom or may even become suicidal. My self-care includes: reading; hanging out with friends; cuddling with my cats; spending time with my husband; and crafting, mostly in the form of crocheting and knitting. I do a little bit of quilting and needlework as well.

I learned how to crochet in 2001. When I worked at a call center, I crocheted afghan after afghan because of how mindless (yet satisfying) the task was. I learned to knit a year later and I’m still learning new techniques.

Welcome to the concept of my blog: crafting as self-care. I want to occasionally share pictures of my current projects, maybe even share some free patterns, talk about craft activities with friends, and discuss how it affects my mental health now and then.

Cheers! 🥂