Paranoia by JR Johansson

Paranoia by JR JohanssonTitle: Paranoia
Author: JR Johansson (Blog, Twitter, Facebook)
Series: The Night Walkers #2
Genre: Thriller, YA
Pages: 326
Publisher: Flux
Format: eBook
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In the aftermath of the events that nearly killed him, Parker Chipp is trying to learn to cope better with life as a Watcher. And it seems to be working ... until he wakes up in jail with a hangover and 12 hours of missing time. Darkness has somehow taken control and Parker doesn't have a clue how to stop him. He finds an unlikely ally in Jack, the mysterious guy in the motorcycle jacket who offers to help Parker master his abilities as a Watcher. But even as they practice, the darkness inside Parker is getting more and more powerful, taking over Parker’s body and doing everything he can to destroy Parker's life.

When Jack reveals that there is another kind of Night Walker, known as a Taker, Parker starts to wonder if the strange things happening in Oakville are more than just a coincidence. After all, people are more than just sleepwalking. They're emptying their savings accounts with no memory of doing so, wandering into strange parts of town and disappearing, they're even killing other people--all in their sleep. If Parker wants to find out what's happening or have any hope of seeing his father again, he’ll have to defy Jack and put his own life in danger ... because the more he learns about these other Night Walkers, the more certain he becomes that his life isn't the only one that could be lost. Summary from Goodreads

UBI really enjoyed reading Paranoia. It was so much fun and just as clever and creepy as Insomnia was.

I really enjoyed learning more about the Night Walkers. Because Parker didn’t know much in the Insomnia, we relied on what he knew and what he told us. In Paranoia, he learns a lot more about Night Walkers and their world. It was really interesting and unique.

I loved getting to know the secondary characters better–Addie, Finn, Mia, and now Jack too. They added a lot to the story and to Parker’s motives.

I loved the romance and the sexual tension in this book. There was some awesome chemistry between Parker and Addie. I was a little frustrated with what seemed to be a love pentagon, but luckily that only lasted for two or three chapters and turned into a mild love triangle. I wish the triangle hadn’t been there at all, but it definitely was on the tamer side so I didn’t begrudge it too much.

I expected a lot of the things that happened in the story. But there were a few things that I didn’t expect and I’m still wondering if they’ll turn out to be “something” in the final book.

I’m excited to see where we go from here, what we’ll learn next, and how Parker will cope with it all.