Meet Kaede. He’s an alien-like monster who loves making children laugh instead of scream. Sound familiar? Yeah, well, it should. He is best friends with Sully and Mike Wazowski after all. 😉

Kaede is my first originally designed and crocheted amigurumi. I was going for a cat-like creature with integrated ears so I didn’t have to sew them on. But … he turned into a blue devil-ish / upside down tooth-ish creature instead. He’s inspired by some of rosieok’s creations. I think he’s awesome for my first design and I learned a lot while working on him which will help me with my future designs.

I was going to share his pattern, but I got a little lost writing everything down after I got done with both of the ears, which is really funny because the ears are the first thing I did. Oops. 😂 Hopefully, I’ll have better luck next time with keeping track of my stitches for a pattern.

What do you think of him? 🧶

My friends and I are crocheting and knitting in the name of charity. We’re making and donating hats and amigurumi for and to children and teens at the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Because my depression has reared its head this year and wreaked all kinds of havoc, my bishop (similar to ministers and other clergymen) challenged me to make and donate at least 12 hats by the end of the year. He knew I was crafting in the name of self-care and challenge me to take that self-care one step further.

I’ve already talked to Primary Children’s Hospital and they need teen hats the most. And, their website says they’re always in need of crocheted/knitted stuffed toys for the kids. I decided to involve my knitting/crocheting buddies, Kami and Hava, because the more of us crocheting and knitting, the more we can donate, right?! Well that was my thinking anyway. 😉 Corey and I are providing the yarn and Kami and Hava are helping me make hats and amigurumi. Now we’re going to donate 12 hats and 12 amigurumi.

We already have six hats and two amigurumi made. 🧶