Sure Thing by David Ives

We just finished the drama unit in my current English class.  During this unit, we read two plays and one screenplay.  The plays were Trifles by Susan Glaspell and Sure Thing by David Ives and the screenplay was Tender Mercies by Horton Foote.  I enjoyed both plays and the screenplay was fair.  Honestly, I would’ve liked Tender Mercies better if it had been about a drunken alternative singer who turns his life around rather than a drunken country singer.  That way when it came time to watch the movie in class, I wouldn’t have felt like someone was scratching their nails on a chalkboard every time someone sang. My favorite of the three was Sure Thing, although I do highly recommend Trifles as well.

Sure Thing is a play involving only two characters, Bill and Betty.  Betty is reading a book in a cafe and sitting alone when Bill comes in and asks to sit at the same table.  It’s a very short comic play in which the conversation between Bill and Betty is continually reset by the ring of a bell any time one of them responds negatively to the other.  The use of the bell gives way to some very interesting topics and interactions between the two.  I thought I’d share a performance of the play from youtube.  (The F-word is used once during the play.)


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      No problem. I know that some of my readers have little ears around them so I didn’t want to accidentally expose them to the F-word. I figured I’ll let the parents do that instead. ;)

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