Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Sunshine by Robin McKinleyTitle: Sunshine
Author: Robin McKinley
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
There hadn't been any trouble out at the lake in years. Sunshine just needed a spot where she could be alone with her thoughts for a minute. But then the vampires found her.... Now, chained and imprisoned in a once-beautiful decaying mansion, alone but for the vampire, Constantine, shackled next to her, Sunshine realizes that she must call on her own hidden strength if she is to survive. But Constantine is not what she expected of a vampire, and soon Sunshine discovers that it is he who needs her, more than either of them know. Summary from Back Cover
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I enjoyed reading Sunshine. I enjoyed the story very much, but I’ve always been fascinated by vampires, so enjoying the story was no surprise to me. At times, I was very frustrated with Sunshine’s unwillingness to explore different aspects of the story. And, because the book was solely in her point-of-view, I didn’t feel like all my questions were answered by the time the story ended. I also enjoyed the tension between Sunshine and Constantine and kept hoping their relationship would develop past its “symbiotic” nature.

I do feel like Sunshine should be the middle of a trilogy rather than a stand-alone novel. There isn’t enough back story and the ending leaves you hanging big time. But, I could do without a prequel if only McKinley would write a sequel.

Content Warning

This book is classified as young adult. However, there is a very explicit scene, quite graphic really, between Sunshine and Constantine. There’s also some language. In my opinion, Sunshine isn’t scary, but it’s rather suspenseful and is classified as horror.



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