I shared this on Instagram a few days ago and shared this on my blog pre-new direction. I wanted to share it again because I wrote it during another low-point. It helped helps me remember three very important things: 1) I’m not alone, 2) life has a purpose, and 3) to never give up.

Rising from the Ashes

Why do I keep doing this? 
I am nothing. 
A failure. 
I try and try and try, never following through, never succeeding. 


I’m sucked into the depths of despair. 
I crumple. 
I fall. 
I cry.

I feel nothing. 

I am lost. 
I am drifting in a tide of uncertainties.

I want to be happy. 
I want to be healthy. 
I want more in life.

I am impassioned. 
I am defiant.

I fight back. 
I try again and again and again, until I succeed.

The Refiner’s fire is agonizing. 
But, I wait for the ashes. 
The ashes of rebirth. 
I will rise. 
I will succeed. 
I will be reborn into a phoenix. 

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