Ravenwood by Susan Evans McCloud

Ravenwood by Susan Evans McCloudTitle: Ravenwood
Author: Susan Evans McCloud
Genre: Historical Fiction, LDS Fiction
Ravenwood, a beautiful Scottish estate, is the setting for an intriguing story of adventure, danger, and romance that spans several generations. Here is the story of three women whose love for their native Scotland--a devotion tested through times of political unrest and the horrors of war--is matched only by their love for their men and their families. Summary from Amazon
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utah-authorI read Ravenwood for the first time when I was about 15 years old. I remember enjoying it so I decided to read it again.

It took me about a week to find the book. I didn’t remember its name or the author, which makes it a little hard to find. The only thing I remembered was that the author was LDS, the story took place in Ireland or Scotland, the story was about three women who were related, and the words cloud and Susan stood out in my mind.

I called the Logan Library to find out how long their check-out records were. (Once you check in a book, there’s no record.) I asked the lady if she could tell me which LDS authors they had books for. As she went down the list, Susan Evans McCloud stood out and I figured she was the author. I searched everywhere online for any books written by her. All I could find were book names and no synopses. At that point, I decided to go to the local library and just look at her books until I found the right one and I did.

It’s a very short book and follows the life of three women. After reading the book for the second time, I felt each woman’s story was too short. I wanted more! However, even though I was left wanting more, I still enjoyed reading it and I’m glad I put forth the effort to find it.


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