New Header by Tarl’s Scribbles

First off, I loved my old header, but it was creative commons and I’ve wanted something designed specifically for my blog for a long time. I asked my friend Tarl, of Tarl’s Scribbles, if he’d design a new header for me, kind of similar to my old one in that it still has whimsical characters that could’ve been dreamed up in a book. I couldn’t be more pleased with his creations! Without further ado, let’s meet the characters in my header:

Muirear, the elf. He look like he’s so excited to go into battle, right? I took that as a sign to find a name for him. I looked up “Charge!” via Google Translate and found “muirear,” Irish Gaelic for “Charge!” (I hope it’s charge as in “Attack!” not as in “I need to charge you money to enter.” I guess if it’s the latter, I can just use the idea as inspiration rather than literal meaning.) Anyway, I chose Irish Gaelic for two reasons: first, I really liked the look of the word, and second, all the elvish names in the Lord of the Rings kind of sound Irish Gaelic.

Po, the bear. For some reason, I just really like this name and I think it fits the bear really well. I love his sad little face. It makes me want to cuddle and make him feel better.

Red as in Little Red Riding Hood. I picked her out of a group of character ideas Tarl showed me because I liked the idea of her. I thought she had pizzazz and she’s such a beloved story character.

Jenni Elyse. Yes, this represents me. I love the thick glasses, even though mine aren’t quite that thick in real life, and the short hair. I also love that I’m holding a book because, of course, that’s what I’m usually doing. And, it makes it seem as though I’m encountering the other four characters in the story I’m reading. I just need to figure out which book tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood, a bear, an elf, and a dragon. That story would certainly be epic!

Mimsy, the purple dragon. When I asked Tarl if he’d be willing to design a header, I told him I loved dragons. And, after I saw Mimsy, I told him I wanted him purple because I liked the idea of a purple dragon. Yes, purple is indeed my favorite color, but I also thought of a purple dragon because of Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone. Because of that, I thought “Mimsy” would be a perfect name for my dragon.

Isn’t Tarl an amazing illustrator? He’s really easy to work with and his work is quality! I highly recommend him. And, I think his work speaks for itself, so you should check it out at Tarl’s Scribbles. He has a contact page if you want him to do something for you. His prices are reasonable, but I’ll let him discuss that with you as well as the ins and outs of having a project done.


  1. Kimberly says

    LOVE it! My kids came in while I was reading the names and I explained it all to them and they agreed it ROCKS! Tarl is awesome! Cute names, too.

  2. Ali says

    So cute! I can’t wait to show Jack and Sheridan–I totally recognized you right away, and the other characters are so fun! What a great new blog header–love it!

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