La Dama del Alba by Alejandro Casona

La Dama del Alba by Alejandro CasonaTitle: La Dama del Alba
Author: Alejandro Casona
Genre: Drama
El teatro de Casona se desenvuelve dentro de un realismo impresionista. Este volumen reúne tres de sus obras más relevantes, que han sido objeto de numerosas representaciones en los países de habla hispana, y muy traducida. Conviertase en un lector de sueños y fantasias.

English translation: Casona's play unfolds within an impressionistic realism. This volume brings together three of his most important works that have been subjected to numerous performances in Spanish-speaking countries, and widely translated. Become a reader of dreams and fantasies. Summary from Goodreads // English translation by me
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There are a few minor spoilers in this review, but I don’t think it will ruin the play for you.

I read La Dama del Alba for my Spanish class this semester.  It’s the first thing I’ve ever read completely in Spanish.  Although, it took a while to read because I had to do a lot of translating, it was a very rewarding experience.  There’s an English version available called The Lady of the Dawn, which I haven’t read.

La Dama del Alba is a play written in four acts.  During each act, we learn more and more about the characters, which isn’t hard to imagine.  The story explores death, grief, despair, happiness, love, mercy, and forgiveness.  It’s very Catholic in origin as many of the themes are based on Catholic beliefs.

While reading La Dama del Alba, I wasn’t able to guess everything that was going to happen, but I did have a pretty good idea about the more important plot points.  It was very fun to see if my predictions would come true and if they did, how.  There’s a lot of humor in the play, but that often had to be pointed out to me because humor’s wasted on me unless it’s very obvious.  (I’m a very visual person, so I see humor more easily in movies than I do in books.)

I enjoyed this play a lot.  At first, I didn’t like the ending.  But, after my teacher explained the Catholic origins, which I had no knowledge of, it helped me make sense of the ending.  I was much more satisfied with it.


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