City of Bones Movie Teaser

The teaser for the City of Bones movie was released last night. The movie looks pretty awesome! The only thing I’m wondering about is “Jace’s” accent. I didn’t think he was English, even though his ancestors were. But, I can deal. English accents are very swoon worthy!

What do you think of the teaser?


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    I read somewhere that Cassie said the characters in the books essentially have English accents, because the place where they’re from (the name escapes me at the moment) isn’t in the US. I guess it’s somewhere in or near England. So the English accents actually fit.

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    Super excited! Cassandra Clare did say that all the Shadowhunters are going to have British accents just to establish their “otherness.” I don’t think she wrote them with accents or anything, but it was a decision the filmmakers made to help identify them as different and/or separate from the world around them. Either way, it looks awesome! And the commentary said that that trailer had NO CGI in it since filming just wrapped last week! It looks so cool, even without the CGI, so I’m impressed.

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      That’s cool. I can dig that. It didn’t turn me off or anything, I was just wondering about it. I love most of the casting, so I’m very excited about the movie as well! 😀 And, that is really cool that the teaser doesn’t have any CGI in it yet.

  3. Kristen says

    The movie looks awesome, and I was not familiar with the series at all. I went straight to my library’s website and placed the first book on hold. Another great recommendation. Thank you!

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      I’m not sure if she’s from Teen Wolf or not. I know she was on Mirror Mirror and something else, but I don’t really know her all that well. And, yeah, I love the guys, except maybe Jace, but I’m sure he’ll grow on me.

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    I’m glad you posted this because I was really disappointed that they didn’t show it at the Breaking Dawn premiere. I think it looks good, but Jace seems so moody and not at all the swaggery, confident bad boy he seemed to be in the books. He seems a lot like Edward. Say it – out loud! I’m an half angel LOL.

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      That’s sad that they didn’t show it at the premiere for you. And, yeah, he does seem moody instead of swaggery and confident. It’ll be interesting to see how he is during the entire movie. And, lol! I love your comment, ha ha!

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    He wasn’t my first choice either but he looks better in the part than I was thinking he would. I didn’t love Robert Pattinson at first either and I think he did a far job in the long run. And I second the idea that Idris-ites basically had an English accent so all the people who were raised there had that accent. Looks pretty cool. Love the background music too!

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      Yes, I’m very excited about the accents now. It just threw me for a loop at first, lol. And, the music is cool. I wonder if it’s just trailer music for actual movie music. And, yeah, Robert Pattinson grew on me after a while, so I’m pretty sure Jamie Campbell Bower will too.

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