April & May 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

No sooner than I told myself not to choke, I did just that. April was a horrid reading month and May started out slow. But, on the bright side, I can feel my reading mojo coming back.

Hopefully, June will be better. I’m sure things will slow down with school starting at the end of June, but I hope I can get a few books in before school starts to make June an outstanding month. 😊

My favorite read between April and May was By Your Side.

Books Read


Books Reviewed

April & May Stats

Books Reads: 4
Pages Read: 1,265
Average Rating: 4.00

Year-to-Date Stats

Books Reads: 17
Pages Read: 5,597
Average Rating: 3.76
Goodreads Goal: 2 books ahead of schedule

June Plans


How did your April and May go? What are your plans for June?

March 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

March was another outstanding reading month. Even if you don’t count the 53-page novella I reread, I still read quite a few books this month. 🤩 Even though I only managed to read two books in February, I’ve averaged to read at least one book per week this year. 🤯 Huzzah!

My not-so-secret goal is looking doable this year. I just need to keep up this pace. No choking, Jenni! 😂

My favorite read of the month, barring the two rereads, was Anne of Green Gables.

Books Read


Books Reviewed

March Stats

Books Reads: 5
Pages Read: 1,422
Average Rating: 3.80

Year-to-Date Stats

Books Reads: 12
Pages Read: 4,332
Average Rating: 3.69
Goodreads Goal: 4 books ahead of schedule

April Plans


How did your March go? What are your plans for April?

February 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

It’s a good thing I read six books in January because I only managed two this month. 😂 Talk about from one extreme to the other.

I didn’t finish a book until about halfway through the month. February was a hard month for me, to tell you the truth, so it’s a miracle I read at all. 😕 The only reason I blogged is because I had everything pre-written and scheduled. Hopefully, I can get my reading mojo back in March.

My favorite read of the month was The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

Books Read


Books Reviewed

February Stats

Books Reads: 2
Pages Read: 544
Average Rating: 3.00

Year-to-Date Stats

Books Reads: 8
Pages Read: 2,910
Average Rating: 3.63
Goodreads Goal: 3 books ahead of schedule

March Plans


How did your February go? What are your plans for March?

January 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

This year, my goal is to read at least 36 books, which means I need to read at least three books per month. (I’m secretly, now not so secretly, shooting for four books a month.) So far, I’ve started off the year with a bang! 🍾

Hopefully, I can keep up some of this momentum so I can reach my secret (not-so-secret) goal. 😂 Truth be told, I don’t expect to read this many books each month since I participated in two readathons: Bout of Books and 24 in 48 Readathon. But, I should be able to read at least three books each month. 🤞🏻

My favorite reads of the month were City of Heavenly Fire and On the Fence. They both garnered 5 stars from me.

Books Read


Books Reviewed

January Stats

Books Reads: 6
Pages Read: 2,366
Average Rating: 3.83

Year-to-Date Stats

Books Reads: 6
Pages Read: 2,366
Average Rating: 3.83
Goodreads Goal: 3 books ahead of schedule

February Plans


How did your January go? What are your plans for February?