Izzy likes to be where Corey and I are. We’re in our bedroom right now. He’s on the bed using his laptop and I’m on the chair next to the bed using my laptop. She’s playing with three toys at once in front of the door to our bedroom while simultaneously running back and forth down the hall. She’s so crazy. I could watch her all day.


I’m reading A Wrinkle in Time. I’m not really immersed in the story yet, so I’ve decided to read a chapter a day until I’m done and reread Cinder since that will go by a lot faster.


Karen, from For What It’s Worth, shared this song a couple of weeks ago and I can’t get enough of it!


I’m running out of things to blog about. I’m been trying really hard to blog Monday through Friday. I did it in January and I have enough posts scheduled for February, but I don’t know if I can keep it up for March. Do I keep racking my brain for things to post about or do I just post when inspiration hits?


Corey and I went to San Francisco this past week. He had a business conference. I went for fun. We drove. We left Tuesday morning about 5:00am MST and arrived in San Francisco around 6:30pm PST. We had all day Wednesday and Thursday in the city and then left after his conference ended on Thursday during the height of rush hour traffic. 😩 Normally, Reno is 3ish hours away from San Francisco, we got to Reno at 12:00am PST on Thursday night/Friday morning because the traffic was so horrid. Needless to say, we stayed the night in Reno. We left Reno around 11:30am PST and got home around 8:30pm MST, so I’m a bit tired and I’ve been recouping all weekend from our vacation.


I love this picture I took of the Golden Gate Bridge on our way out of San Francisco. The lighting was perfect. I want to get it framed and hang it in my library.


I want the weekend to last longer. Can it still be Friday night? Please! 😙


I need to come up with a list of books I want to read for book club this next year. Our new year starts in June, so we start voting in February. I only have two books so far. I’m having a hard time. Do you have any suggestions for me?