Welcome to The Musings of Jenni Elyse! What do you think of my new blog title? I ❤️ it!

Along with the new blog title, there are a few other changes around here too. You may notice that all my previous posts are gone. I needed another fresh start. I know I do this every now and then and people are probably not surprised by this. In fact, I think most people think I’m flaky with all the changes I make, especially to this blog. I can’t change the past; I can only make a goal for the future. I think this’ll be the last time I make this type of change to the blog as I’m trying to make more permanent decisions in my life and what to do with my blog is one of them.

This is still primarily a book blog, but I may blog about other things too. I’ll just blog about what I feel like. It’s my little respite from life’s troubles.

Anyway, thanks for visiting! I hope you come back soon! 👋🏻