Cascade Springs

After reading about our hike to Cecret Lake, our friends Ben and Courtney told us to let them know when we were going out next. We let them know that we were planning to go out on Saturday, and they decided to come with us.

Ben told us before hand that Courtney doesn’t like to hike too much, so we decided on an easier hike for her … okay, okay, and me too. We decided to go to Cascade Springs on Mount Timpanogos. It’s a really easy hike, more like a leisurely walk until you start to climb, then it gets a little tougher, at least I thought so.

The cool thing about this hike are the springs. There are wooden paths all around so you can enjoy the springs as you walk. While we followed the path, we encountered a feral cat (which was thought to be a baby cougar by the guys because of its coloring), a duck, and lots of fish.

The wildflowers weren’t quite as pretty as the ones we encountered on our way to Cecret Lake, but they were still in abundance and added to the scenery.


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      I do. It’s the left one. You have to click the picture to see a bigger version. You’ll notice that it’s actually just a kitty. But, I can see why the guys thought it was a cougar.

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    Aw! It looks so pretty. Hiking is such a fun way to get exercise, and Cascade Springs is beautiful. If you’re feeling up for a leeetle bit more strenuous hike, try the hike to Stewart Falls. I love that one!

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      We are going to do the Stewart Falls hike one of these weekends and we’re also going to go to Big Falls as well. :) I’m excited to go, even if it does kill me.

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