Book vs. Movie: Wonder

Book vs. Movie is a new feature here at Jenni Elyse. The main idea is to do a side-by-side review of the book and movie and whether I think the book or movie is better. Since I recently watched Wonder with some friends, I’ll start with it.


My book club read Wonder a couple of years ago and I adored it. It was such a heart-warming book. It affected me deeply and I think it’s one every single person should read. It might be too convenient and maybe even a little too cheery at times, but it has a great message everyone can learn from.


The movie was acted and done so well. The actors they cast were perfect in their roles. I’m amazed at how well the kids did! They were all so cute. I was a sobbing mess by the time it was over. My only complaint is that it didn’t have Julian’s chapter, but to be honest, I don’t think it would’ve fit well with the flow of things. So, if you’ve only seen the movie or if you haven’t read Julian’s chapter, make sure you do.


I loved the movie just as much as I loved the book. I’m so happy with this adaptation. The movie brought to life the characters and story I loved so much. I think the movie complements the book really well.

I think teachers and parents can read this book to or with their kids and then watch the movie after finishing the book as a fun treat. But, that’s only what I’d do, lol. 😉

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