Book vs. Movie: Divergent

Yesterday, Corey and I saw Divergent. I’ve been wanting to see it since it came out, but I hadn’t read the book yet and I wanted to read it first. Since I finished the book last week, I thought it’d be fun to see it for our date night.

The Book

Divergent hc c(2)Before I had read Divergent, I had heard mixed reviews, but mostly good things. I wasn’t surprised that I liked it too because I usually follow the norm in those things. The idea of factions fascinated and scared me. I felt like Tris did in not knowing what to choose.

Once Tris chose, I loved the detail in her initiation. I loved seeing how the inside of her faction worked, especially when she compared it to her old one. And, I especially loved how she and Four got closer together and became allies and friends.

Four’s personality, especially held me captivated as I read Divergent. I loved learning about his background and who he was since he was so secretive in the beginning.

I also liked the emotion I felt in this book–the fear of not belonging, not becoming something, losing family and those you love; the excitement of experiencing something different; the exhilaration of accomplishing the impossible; and the determination to prove yourself.

The Movie


I had heard the movie was good from other friends and the trailer looked promising. I ended up quite enjoying the movie. I thought it was very well done.

I liked the actors they chose to play the characters. Shailene Woodley and Theo James were perfect as the two main characters. And, I loved seeing Ashley Judd as Tris’ mom and Kate Winslet as Jeannine Matthews. The actors really brought the characters to life. They helped make me feel what I felt while reading the book. And, in the case of Tris’ parents, the actors brought them more to life than they were in the book.

I really liked the visual effects, especially during the simulations. It really brought the characters’ fears to life. Even though I knew what happened, I was on the edge of my seat just simply because of how well things were brought to life.

But, the movie did fall flat when compared to the book in a few areas. I didn’t like the way they changed the chasm in the pit. I liked the idea of the river and water more than just a deep abyss. Peter didn’t seem as menacing because they cut out one of the main scenes with him in the book. I didn’t like that Tris got “cut” and then accepted again because I don’t think Eric’s character would’ve ever allowed that, even if she showed the gumption she did in the movie. And, even though it was necessary with the things they left out, I didn’t like how Four’s and Tris’ fear landscapes were changed.

By itself, though, the movie was fun and entertaining. I’m really glad I saw it and I’m glad I saw it after I read the book first.

The Verdict


Have you read the book and seen the movie? What did you think? Which do you like better?


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    I agree 100%! It had been a long time since I read the books, so I’m glad you mentioned how their fear landscapes were changed. I had been trying to remember if they had been, or not. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it as a movie. I did as well. Also: I LOVE your book vs. movie scales!

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      Yeah, it was so weird to me that they changed them. It went well with the movie because of things they left out, but it was just weird. And, thanks! My husband helped me make them. :)

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      You might actually like the movie because they pepper the antagonist throughout the movie rather than just at the end. And, Tris doesn’t “cry” like she does in the book. And, the conversation between Tris and her mom doesn’t repeat itself. So, I don’t know.

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