Another Crash

Every Sunday, I ride my bike to choir practice.  Normally, I don’t have any issues and it’s nice to get a little bit of exercise before church.

Today, as I was on my way home, I realized I had left my sunglasses on top of the piano, even after I made a mental note not to forget them. I turned around to go get them and on my way back, I biffed it big time!

I was biking a little fast and I needed to slow down to turn into the driveway of the house we practice at.  And, instead of slowing down on the road like I should’ve, I braked on the gravel. Needless to say, the gravel didn’t provide very much traction and my bike slid out from under me.  I fell sideways onto the gravel and slid a few feet from where I first hit the ground.  When I got up, I noticed my foot was a little scraped up, but not too bad.  Then, I realized my arm was stinging really badly and I saw a huge gash or road rash on the back of my arm just under my elbow.  Once I got back home, I felt some stinging on my leg and found a little bit of road, or jean in this case, rash on my calf and thigh.

Corey and I thought it’d be better to get the dirt and gravel cleaned out of my arm and foot instead of taking pictures of the wounds.  It took about 15 minutes to sanitize my wounds with water, rubbing alcohol, and Neosporin, but I’m all cleaned up and bandaged now.  The ironic thing is that my wounds from my previous crash are just starting to disappear.

I checked my bike and the pedal and handlebars are a little scratched.  Other than that, it looks pretty unscathed.  I was hoping to keep my bike looking new a little longer.

Update: I needed to change the dressing on my arm.  While I was doing that, Corey decided to take a picture.  Here’s what my arm looks like.  The creamy substance is Neosporin.

My Arm


  1. Aymee Callister says

    Bike crashes scare me, I’m glad you’re okay. My friends last night loved Froyo, and I’m very excited to have it agin tonight. Tell Corey thanks again for everything yesterday. He was awesome. And let me know when you’re going to post the girls pics on your blog so I can steal them. Thanks.

  2. Gwyl says

    Glad to hear it wasn’t to bad. Yes it comes with the territory but you still don’t want to spend much time in that part of the territory! ;-)

  3. Christie says

    Oh man it’s right where you lean on it when you are sitting at a desk or table. Why can’t injuries happen where we aren’t going to hit it all the time. Don’t give up on the biking. That’s just a cop out (I read that post from whoever on facebook). Keep on pedaling.

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