Year End Number Crunch 2012

I saw this post on my friend Suey’s blog. I thought it was a great idea and I decided to do it myself. (Just don’t compare her list to mine. I don’t measure up in the least.)


Total Books

Total Books Read: 24 (1 more book than I read last year)
Total Rereads: 9
Total Pages: 9,949


Men: 7
Women: 10
Utah Authors: 4
New-to-Me Authors: 10


Book Club: 7
Challenges: 6
Reviews for ARCs Received: 1
Read Alongs: 2


Library: 5
Own: 17
Kindle: 5
Borrowed: 2


YA and MG: 15
Adult: 9

Genres From the YA Category

Science Fiction/Fantasy: 14
Romance: 4
Historical Fiction: 1
Other (contemporary fiction): 1
Middle Grade: 4

Genres From the Adult Category

Non-fiction: 2
Classics: 2
Science Fiction/Fantasy: 2
Romance: 2
Mystery/Thriller: 2

Goodreads Stats 2012


  • I didn’t read nearly as many books as I wanted to.
  • Sadly, I was 51 pages off from reading 10,000 pages this year.
  • This year was definitely a reread year.
  • Normally, I don’t give out mostly 5 stars. Only 3 new books received 5 stars; the rest were rereads.
  • I didn’t go out of my comfort zone much this year.
  • I didn’t listen to any audiobooks.
  • I read two non-fiction books?! Wow!
  • I read two classics like I wanted to. It’s about the only goal I accomplished reading-wise this year.
  • I’m glad I finally read Pride and Prejudice!
  • I reread The Book of Mormon and got halfway through The Old Testament.
What about you? What have you observed about your reading habits this past year?